Thursday, August 23, 2012

'tis but a flesh wound

Headless but not helpless

"I've got no feeling in my toes!"

Half a leg to stand on

The completed tail
Hey all, we have a tail. This one took a while since I had to figure a couple of things out about this, namely whither to use the Megazord version of the tail that is narrower but fits in the front crevice, or the Triceratops one that is wide and stumpy but where the cannons have to nestle on top of the body. For now I have chosen the later option, but I still wanted it to nestle, so I may end up remodeling the main body frame.

If the head can't maneuver as the foot then I will definitely have to either remodel or narrow the tail. But, for now the tail can be considered (for all-intensive purposes) completed and ready to go.

Next up is the neck and head (and the firing chain horns).

Monday, August 13, 2012

Tri-Rex rolling out

Creepy or cute, you decide
Just a quick update all tank treads are attached and functional. I also did a new playblast to replace the ones that youtube couldn't process. The new video is at

you can expect the tail to be next after I figure out a couple of details, which thankfully shouldn't take nearly as long as figuring out previous parts on this model.

Well my bed is calling.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Triceratops Rex is born

New breed of Dinosaur or genetics gone horribly wrong? you decide.

Here's looking at you.
Just a Quick update before I start sawing logs with the Sandman.  After nearly two weeks of working and learning I have managed to get working tank treads on the Tops (this is a lot trickier than one would think). I am uploading a few test animations for the tread rotation onto youtube and since I know that some people would be wanting a render of the Tri-Rex I figured I'd put a couple out there.

you should be able to see the vids on my youtube channel  within half an hour of this posting. Next update I should have all the last two tank sections completed.