Thursday, May 17, 2012

oooo, shiny.
he appears to be missing something.

Megazord almost has a leg to stand on.
Sailing, sailing, on the triceratops.

People have asked how I made it, so here's the answer.
I've started modeling the Triceratops, only to find (many hours of work into it, of course) that I had to re-do a lot of it and tweak the rest, as well as making a bunch of tweaks and scaling changes to the other three models. Why you might ask; to put it simply, the Triceratops was too fat and the Rex didn't have enough space between his legs. I am very thankful that these aren't too horrible a problem, to where I would have to scrap everything and start all over, but it is bad enough that I will have to overhaul parts of all three of the other models (since the problem lies at the hub of the Megazord). This shouldn't take more than a few days fix ( I hope). This is a bit of a pain having to redo work, but it comes with the job (and I would much rather do it great than do it fast and easy).

Also for your amusement is a bit of a flub that happened while I was rescaling the Triceratops. I accidentally created what looks like a cruiser that Megazord appears to be sailing. (I know it's not as amazing as seeing Lincoln's head in a cornflake, but it amuses me)

Next post should have all fixed and better than before, as well as the rest of the Triceratops body finished. BTW the reason the shoulder pad wireframe is up in this post is because I have had some people asking how I made the 'M' in the shoulders.

Friday, May 11, 2012

on the hunt

so menacing lookng

she can fly!

the iron vulture

a shy moment

so stoic

How many feet does this guy have?

pet my mammoth

Out for a walk
hey all, I have now completed the third model on this project: the Pterodactyl. This took a little while, not because it was difficult, but rather because my laptop doesn't have enough memory to support the three models in hi-res through a render. I am liking how they are turning out, and as you can see above, the big man can fit in a picture pretty well. I am looking forward to getting the last two done so I can rig and texture them all and get on to the Dragonzord model.

anywho you can find more pics on my deviant art page:

Well, I'm bushed and the bed is calling for me.

Next up is the Triceratops

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Pterodactyl has landed (almost)

Now 20% more heroic
Just a quick update on the Megazord Project; the Pterodactyl is around halfway done after a few hours working on it, so tomorrow it should be complete. Every so often it's nice to have an easy one to do that gives you a breather from all the complications. Ironically this breather fall right in the middle of the Megazord modeling (#3 of 5 Zords). The windows will be fun to do, since there's a few fun ways I can do them to give them a very unique look yet keeping the iconic Megazord feel.

Anywho, look forward to the final Pterodactyl model tomorrow, if all goes as planned.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Mammoth model completed

The Mighty Mammoth-head shield!

and here we see a mechanical mammoth in it's unnatural environment

A Rex and his pet

he loves to be scratched behind the ears

I sense a "short joke" coming on

The best of friends

He's starting to come together

I picked it up, and now I can't put it down

Have a Mammoth head

Here he is in all his glory

and he can tap to the beat too

the loneliest number
It felt like things (mostly Windows) were conspiring to keep me from finishing this little guy, but here he is in all his finished-model glory. There were a few challenges to working on him (and my first blue-screen-of-death after about an hour of working and it being one of the rare times I forgot to save during that time). All in all I like how he's turning out.

Anywho, the Pterodactyl is next up.