Thursday, August 23, 2012

'tis but a flesh wound

Headless but not helpless

"I've got no feeling in my toes!"

Half a leg to stand on

The completed tail
Hey all, we have a tail. This one took a while since I had to figure a couple of things out about this, namely whither to use the Megazord version of the tail that is narrower but fits in the front crevice, or the Triceratops one that is wide and stumpy but where the cannons have to nestle on top of the body. For now I have chosen the later option, but I still wanted it to nestle, so I may end up remodeling the main body frame.

If the head can't maneuver as the foot then I will definitely have to either remodel or narrow the tail. But, for now the tail can be considered (for all-intensive purposes) completed and ready to go.

Next up is the neck and head (and the firing chain horns).

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