Sunday, April 21, 2013

Not dead, it Just feels that way!

Hey all, I had to take a lot longer hiatus than I was expecting due to work and problems with the Tops model (namely I wasn't pleased with how the head was turning out so I had to scrap it and restart the head a few times). I decided that i would go ahead and model the Saber Tiger first and complete the Tops soon after, giving my mind a chance to figure out the best way to redesign/ model the head. In the meantime here are the latest renders of the Saber Tiger body and a test placement on the Megazord.

Anywho I hope you enjoy your first glimpse of the two legged Daizyujin. I also now have a completion date for Megs (and that includes animation). The date is August 28th 2013. Kudos to anyone who can figure out what time I plan on uploading based on that date.

A new update should be up by weeks end.

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