Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Aaaaaaand we're back!

After over a year of working on them, working a full-time overnight job and having one hard drive crash on me (not recoverable) I have finally finished the last of the Dinozords needed to complete the Megazord. Hazzah!

Here are some renders for all who are interested:

...As he daintily offered his paw...

That mouse has to come out sometime.

Honest, officer, I only had one or two to drink.

Tops is now mobile. No one is safe.

I can haz Lasers?

Tops from the top

This is how we welcome visitors.

A new way to "sit up and beg".

He smells something.
Two decades ago today I watched this for the first time. Man I'm feeling old!
All Hail the rising logo.
We are not amused.
Game of Zords
So, yes, in case you couldn't tell at 10:30am Pacific Time, it was 20 years to the second that Power Rangers first aired. I remember watching the first episode that day! Man, I'm feeling old now; I can measure my childhood in decades now.

Anywho, the models are now complete and all that needs to be done is texturing and rigging. All in all I am really pleased with how it has come out so far. I am really excited to see how it looks once I get some good textures on the models (of course including "authentic" battle damage).

Well, I'm now off to have fun sawing logs with the sandman.

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