Sunday, September 29, 2013

UVs are laid out (at least for one of 'em)

The one thing I dislike about my current situation is that I only have during my lunch break most nights (about half an hour) to work on this, so the going is a lot slower than it would be otherwise. That being said I have finally gotten the UVs laid out for the Pterodactyl so I can get the actual texturing done on it this week. for reference I will post a couple of renders of the before and after UV layouts below:

The one on the left got a little too happy with the Photoshop tools.

Fly my pretties
As you can see if you don't lay out the UVs then you can get some really bad distortions in the textures.

Anywho I have to keep going so I will update later this week with the fully textured model.

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